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Sexual Health

Sexual Health / contraception and family planing services

There are a number of services across Brent where you can get advice on sexual health issues, including contraception, sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and pregnancy.

You can talk to:

  • Your GP or nurse
  • Your midwife or health visitor
  • A pharmacist
  • A sexual health or genito-urinary medicine (GUM) clinic

Services in Brent

For details of sexual health (genito-urinary medicine, or GUM) clinics in Brent, visit sexual health Brent, below. Here you will find information on contraception services, sexually transmitted infection (STI) services as well counselling services.

You can also get advice and information from the sexual health section of NHS Choices.


Contraceptive services

Our free, confidential clinics offer contraceptive (family planning) and sexual health services.

Our largest clinic is at Margaret Pyke Centre, King’s Cross, and we also have clinics in Brent, Camden, Hillingdon and Islington.

Contraceptive services include:

  • Advice about and provision of all methods of contraception, including intrauterine contraception (IUD and IUS), long-acting reversible contraception (LARC) and natural family planning. You can also learn about fertility and the reproductive cycle, and how to avoid or achieve pregnancy our free fertility awareness sessions
  • In-house referral for consultant-led clinics for complex contraception problems
  • Counselling and referral for male and female sterilisation
  • Emergency contraception
  • Pregnancy testing
  • Referral for abortion
  • Cervical screening (smear test)
  • Young people’s sexual health clinics, including outreach services
  • Advice about gynaecological issues, including the menopause, pre-menstrual syndrome and menstrual problems
  • Advice and referral for breast problems

All our clinics also offer screening for chlamydia and gonorrhea.


Eligibility criteria (who is the service for?)

The service is open to everyone.

How can someone be referred?

Clinics are open-access, which means that you do not need a referral from your general practitioner (GP) or other healthcare professional.

The only exceptions are:

  • Our consultant-led clinics for complex contraception problems (at Archway Centre,Hillside Primary Care Centre and Margaret Pyke Centre, King’s Cross) are available by referral from the general clinics based at these sites or by GP referral.
  • In Hillingdon, provision of the IUS (Mirena coil), for the treatment of heavy menstrual bleeding and ring pessary insertion (for prolapsed womb) are by GP referral only.
Service times

Service times vary, and evening and Saturday morning sessions are available at some clinics. Some clinics are walk-in only, others are appointment-only. Choose a clinic from the list below for more information.

Walk-in clinics are only able to see a limited number of patients. This varies according to the number of staff available. Clinics are run on a first come, first served basis, so when demand for services is high, appointment slots are filled quickly.

Can I Choose and Book to arrange my first outpatient appointment?

Choose and Book is not applicable to this service.